It's a small group of about twenty people, all men, mostly white and very rich, so there's no problem for them to join this very exclusive $1 Salary Club. Members of the club receive their modest income as a CEO Salary like the co-founder of Google, Larry Page. The reason for accepting $1 or even less as their annual salary vary: it's not just altruism what drives the Club members: big bucks as a salary comes in the 39,6% bracket, while long term gains from stocks are taxed up to 15%. Click on the next link and find out how much the $1 Salary Club members really make.

Is it a men's world? If yes, where are their mothers? What do Famous Women Salaries look like? And what do they earn? It seems most out performers can be found in the media and entertainment business, and although women in these categories earn a lot, there is still a pay gap compared with their male peers if you check out Actress salaries and Actor Salaries, or CEO salaries. Exception to the rule is Beyonce, husband Jay-Z isn't doing bad, but she is the 'Cash Queen' of the Female musicians.

Is it worth it to become President or Prime Minister? You could say no: many CEO Salaries will beat presidential salaries, so why bother to become the King of the Mountain? The answer is we don't know, but for sure President Trump is one of the best paid people in the world, just as his predecessors. And to beef up their salaries, they would just write another bestseller and Author Salaries will do the trick. Bill Clinton proves why presidential salaries are nothing more than a good starting point. Check out other Politician Salaries around the world and don't forget the World Leaders Salaries.

The pope may be completely satisfied by what he gets from the 'Holy See' (check in World Leader Salaries). But when corporate celebrities exceed expectations, especially in the web economy, it looks like they have their own 'Holy Something'. Find out the so called 'modest' CEO Salaries of corporate presidents like Larry Page and Sergey Brin (both Google). In contrast, Bill Gates shows what he gets. Just like Oprah, John Donahoe (EBay) or media gigant's like Philippe Dauman (Viacom see picture) and their colleagues.

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