Nurses in the United States earn 8 times more than in Russia

Information about wages of nurses in the United States and all over the world. Compare the salary in the United States with salaries in Germany, Belgium, Russia, Finland, Netherlands and many more.



The Paywizard team checked earnings of nurses over the world. According to the results, a fulltime working nurse in the US earns $16.44 gross per hour and $10.30 net per hour. It is less than in most European countries that were analyzed, but still much more than in the rest of the world.

The lowest hourly wage was identified in Russia, only $1.97 gross per hour.  That means that an average nurse in Russia can buy only one half of Big Mac using her hourly wage, while a nurse in the US can afford two-and-a-half Big Macs. Although it sounds great, European nurses do even better. Spanish nurses can buy more than three-and-a-half Big Macs per hour of work and German nurses more than three Big Macs.

Hourly wages in dollars were adjusted by purchasing power parity to make the results comparative.


Country Median hourly wage in $ adjusted by PPP

Big Macs per hour of work

Gross Net
United States 16.44 10.3 2.5
Belgium 16.79 11.89 3.1
Germany 19.17 12.69 3.1
Finland 13.64 9.83 2.8
Netherlands 22.08 14.51 3.6
Spain 21.97 16.7 3.6
Sweden 17.27 12.47 2.9
Czech Republic 7.7 5.74 1.1
Hungary 5.39 4.01 0.9
Argentina 9.14 7.49  
Brazil 7.03 6.17 1.1
Colombia 5.96 5.27 0.8
Belarus 2.62 1.98  
Ukraine 2 1.61 0.4
Russia 1.97 1.76 0.5
Indonesia 1.99 1.5 0.5
South Africa 14.02 10.23 2.9


  • Source: Wage Indicator 2010-2012; IMF World Economic Outlook Database (April 2012); The Economist (January  2012)
  • Global Wage Comparison is based on a sample of 3667 respondents, who participated in the Wage Indicator survey. For the US respondents come through the US Survey. Period:  May 2010 - May 2012.
  • Statistics are reported for countries with at least 10 observations. The  "Big Macs per hour of work" information is only available  for countries with published Big Mac index.


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