Full Time Minimum Wage: $404.00 pw


Per day: $80.80

Per week: $404.00

Per year: $21.008.00

Based on a 8 hour day and 261 days work per year before taxes.

Minimum Wage Bartenders

who customarily and regularly receive gratuities


Maximum Tip Credit: $1.87

Cash Wage: $8.23

See further rulings under tipped workers.

MINIMUM WAGE RATE Connecticut: $10.10

Jan. 1 2017: $10.10

The Connecticut minimum wage rate automatically increases to 0.5 percent above the rate set in the Fair Labor Standards Act if the federal minimum wage rate equals or becomes higher than the state minimum.

Minimum Wage Tipped Workers hotel, restaurant

2017 hotel, restaurant:

Maximum Tip Credit: $3.72

Cash Wage: $6.38

Note: A service or tipped employee means an employee of a hotel or restaurant, who customarily and regularly receives more than $10.00 per week in tips for full-time workers, or $2.00 per day for part-time workers. Other industries are not specified.

Note:The cash wage or basic wage rate is the minimum required employer contribution towards your hourly minimum wage. The "maximum tip credit" is the amount of tips you will need on top of your cash wage to make the minimum wage of $10.10 per hour. If you do not receive sufficient tips in your workweek to achieve the minimum wage for all hours worked that week, your employer must make up the difference.

Overtime Pay Connecticut

2017: $15.15 per hour
Overtime pay is the cash compensation for the hours eligible employees work in excess of 40 hours in a workweek (a workweek = 7x24= 168 hours). The overtime pay rate is one and one-half (1.5) times the regular working hour rate of pay.

Under 18 Minimum Wage

2017: $8.585 (85% of the minimum wage of $10.10)

Applies to:

* Minors working in agriculture or government;
* Minors in other industries during the first 200 hours of work.

Violations Minimum Wage

If your employer didn't pay you all your wages you can file a Statement of Claim for Wages. This  form can be give to you at any Connecticut Works Career Center, or you can contact the Wage and Workplace Standards Division of the Connecticut Department of Labor at (860) 263-6790. Address: 200 Folly Brook Boulevard, Wethersfield, CT 06109.