Definitions Texas Minimum Wage

Find here the definitions used in the Texas Minimum Wage Act.

Agriculture piece rate work

is a person who is employed as a hand harvest worker in agriculture and,
is paid on a piece rate in a organization for which the pay is customarily and generally recognized as a piece rate in the region of employment.


Farming (all branches)
Cultivating and tilling the soil
Producing, cultivating, growing, harvesting on an agricultural or horticultural commodity

Agricultural Marketing

Raising livestock, bees, fur-bearing animals, poultry and,
any work performed by a farmer on a  farm incidental or in conjunction with farming operations, including:
Foresty or lumber operations
Preparation for market and
Delivery to the storage, market or a carrier for transportation to the market.

Earnings Statement
You should receive at the end of each pay period a written and signed earnings statement from your employer covering the pay period that you have agreed with your employer. The earnings statement (stated on a check, voucher, document etc.) must show:

your name

  • rate of pay
total amount of pay earned by you during the pay period

  • any deductions from your pay

  • the amount of pay after all the deductions are made
the number of hours worked by you
produced units by you if you are paid on a piece rate

Governmental entities are for example: municipality, a county, a special district, a junior college district, a political subdivision of state.

Texas Minimum Wage Act: establishes a minimum wage for non-exempt employees. It requires covered employers who provide their employees with a written earnings statement. The act designates the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) as the responsible agency to give information about the Act.