West Virginia Minimum Wage is applicable to:

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Workers employed by the State of West of Virginia, it's agencies and departments.

Or if you work for:

  • a company that doesn't gross over $500,000.00 annual;
  • an employer who employs during any calender week 6 or more employees at one separate, distinct and permanent location and has;
  • less than 80% of the workers engaged in any type of "individual" interstate commerce activity, such as: 
  • processing, accepting or otherwise handling credit card transactions; 
  • supplies (via telephone, fax, or email) or receiving goods shippedacross state lines; 
  • driving a motor vehicle across states lines or on a federal highway;
  • keeping records of interstate transactions (such as invoices, payables, etc);
  • conducting company business via phone, email, regular mail or fax across state lines. 

Some industries are automatically covered under federal law and are therefore exempt from the West Virginia minimum wage regardless of specific employee activities.

Source: West Virginia Division of Labor Wage $ Hour