Looking for a Job Overseas?

According to the Wall Street Journal an increasing number of professionals, especially those in finance, are interested in opportunities outside the U.S. And it's not the typical globetrotter - young and unattached - looking for work overseas. So don't rule yourself out as someone that will work abroad in the near future. Paywizard can help you with making a bold decision like that.

Paywizard is part of WageIndicator a non-profit organisation dedicated to global labor market transparency through salary calculators. Since we're active in dozens of countries, we can provide you with accurate global pay information. We've preselected the most interesting countries for you.

Recent surveys show that a majority of respondents believe the best job opportunities are in developing economies such as Brazil, Russia, India and China. Recruiters say that although many major markets are facing similar fates as the U.S., job opportunities for finance professionals in Asia, the Middle East and Central and Eastern Europe are still abound.

Below you find the the links and short descriptions of overseas salary calculators. Since most calculators are in a foreign language, we advice you to use Google Translate. This tool makes it very easy to read all the salary information you need to know.


No College Degree? Better Paid Overseas!

03/03/15 - If you are a cook or a cleaner, move overseas. Jobs for which you do not necessarily need a college degree are often better paid in Europe, but if you are highly specialized or educated, you might want to stay in the U.S. For example I.T. consultants, journalists and medical specialists have a better salary in the U.S. compared to other countries. That is the outcome of Washington Post research, based on WageIndicator/Paywizard data. See also: Salaries Overseas and our Salary Calculator.