Salary Michelle Phan

  • Entrepeneur - Youtube, Beauty
  • Born: 1987, Boston, US
  • Annual: $3,000,000.00
  • Monthly: $250,000.00
  • Weekly: $57,692.31
  • Daily: $11,538.46
Michelle Phan

- Variety Jun 2019: Even though Phan’s YouTube channel has been fallow for the last two years, it still has 8.8 million subscribers. In 2017, she sold her stake in Ipsy, the beauty-sample-box subscription company she co-founded that has been valued at $500 million. Today, Phan owns the Em Cosmetics line, which she bought back from initial partner L’Oréal.
- Forbes: $ 3 million. she reinvests most of the money from her projects— including her cosmetics line and ipsy, a monthly makeup-subscription service— right back into her business.


Update: 2019-9