Juha Sipilä

  • Prime Minister Finland
  • Born: 1961 Finland
  • Married
  • Children: 5
  • Annual: $193,900.00
  • Monthly: $16,158.33
  • Weekly: $3,728.85
  • Daily: $745.77
Juha Sipilä

The salary paid to the prime minister equals that of the speaker of Parliament (monthly 11,792 euros) minus five per cent. That comes down to 11,202.40 euros monthly in 2016. In addition, the prime minister receives a half of the parliamentary salary to which he or she is entitled as a sitting member of Parliament. The full parliamentary salary is currently (as of 1 February 2016) at least € 6,407 a month, half of it is 3,203.50 euros. So the Finnish prime minister receives at least €14,405.90 per month in total and annually at least 172,870.80. The salary is subject to income tax.


Update: 2016-12