Questions about Worklife Balance

Can I finish my degree and raise my kids at the same time? I've got a degree and an enormous loan. How can I change that? How can I find out where my talents lie? How can I become more assertive? Corporate world is getting to me and my kids grow up without me. I need a plan. And more questions about a good Worklife Balance. Ask Paywizard.


Do you think it is more important that I finish my degree or should I wait until my children are grown? I personal feel that I should be working on my degree slowly so that I can advance in my job.

I continue to see an homogenization of the global work force , manufacturing shifts globally and even political shifts away from " THE HAVE NOT " in this country . My question is after working all my life and trying to keep up with the inflation caused by " THE HAVE " , will I HAVE to work till the day I DIE?

I have a (mild) head injury and am on SSI for it however, I finished a BA, in Anthropology with help from voc-rehab while on disability, but can not find work in my field and have overwhelming school loan debt. I am working part-time as a janitor, because I can not live on my merely SSI and SSDI. I am in a catch 22 where I will soon lose my SSI because of working, I have already lost my SSDI. I am incredibly frustrated because I now have an education, but it means nothing as I am getting the same type jobs I could have without it, ie. low wage, go nowhere jobs. A title degree with overwhelming loan debt. I have recently had voc-rehab agree (after many appeals) to sponsor me for a masters in anthropology, however, I see no reason to continue --even more debt--, and be back in this same seat again in a few years. It is much more complicated than I can convey here. As I am one step away from homelessness, but I have a degree! I see no way out, any comments, or thoughts would be welcome.

I have 17 years' experience as an advertising copywriter, and 13 years' experience in the nonprofit world, doing everything from program coordination/implementation to community outreach, volunteer supervision/training, and newsletter writing. I would like to change careers to combine the many things I have done as a nonprofit volunteer with my professional advertising experience, while not being tied to a computer for 8 hours a day. I need to make a good salary (I am 46 with a wife, child and mortgage). Any suggestions on where I might look (I am not limited to nonprofits, but I would like to do something that benefits the community, people, etc.) Thanks.

I use to be a big risk taker. Now, at 45, single, with 2 small children and a mortgage, I just can't take the risks I use to. I'm thinking about starting a private practice or doing SOMEthing where I get to be my own boss. The corporate world is getting to me and my kids are growing up without me. I can't seem to find the time to stop and even come up with a plan.

(Background: I have a two-year old whom we have recently started in daycare, but my wife also works from home and I find it difficult to avoid domestic interruptions/distractions and maintain focus).