• 2 April 2020 - Walmart, the largest private employer in the U.S., stated on March 31 that it will start taking temperatures of its employees turning up at work. Anyone recording body temperatures above 100 Fahrenheit will be sent back home and asked to seek medical help. Even Amazon and Whole Foods are due to incorporate temperature tests from next week. Read more
  • 2 April 2020 - According to data released by the US Labor Department, claims for the first week of unemployment have risen by 3000% since early March. Last week, ending on March 28, a record of 6.6 million workers filed for unemployment aid. This brings the last fortnight tally to nearly 10 million filings. This scenario has also erased the employment generated in the last five years, experts say. Read more

Employment at will

There are exceptions to employment at will. Do you know your right on this part? You can't be terminated on basis of your race or gender. And 38 states regulate dismissals by so called implied contracts. Find out more at dismissal rights.

Coronavirus crisis: What are your rights regarding sick leave, health and safety, and social security?

The Coronavirus crisis poses challenges for both employers and employees. Check carefully what your rights are, so that you can fall back on them if necessary.

Economic Facts

  • One of the major events that changed how industries and factories around the world operated, started in the United States. Henry Ford, of Ford Motors, was an American who is acclaimed as the creator of the assembly line. This idea streamlined the entire production process and increased efficiencies. Check the cost of living in the United States 
  • Estimates suggest that the United States sells more than 3 billion pizzas a year and that each American consumes a minimum of at least one pizza in thirty days. This pizza frenzy sustains more than 70,000 pizzerias across the country! What are salaries in the pizza sector?
  •  A defining feature of  the United States’ vast geographical landscape, is the different and oftentimes harsh kinds of weather and climatic conditions. Due to severe blizzards, torrential hurricanes, and sweltering heat waves, the estimated cost of the 14 disasters in 2019 alone was close to 1 billion USD each. These natural disasters also affect working conditions and safety, which pushes the government to have stringent measures to address their effects. So how is pay affected by bad weather? Click to find out!
  • The United States has the world’s largest economy but the state of California alone has a GDP of $2.998 trillion which is higher than a few of the biggest countries such as India, France, etc. Minimum Wages in the USA