• 16 October 2019 - The Labor Department of the United States of America reached a $5 million settlement with Intel Corp. regarding allegations of wage discrimination against its female, African American, and Hispanic employees. According to this agreement, Intel will be paying $3.5 million in back-wages and interest. It will also be allocating a minimum of $1.5 million in pay adjustments over the course of the next five years to U.S. workers in engineering positions. Employment Discrimination
  • 16 October 2019 - With the General Motors strike in the United States of America completing a month, executives from the company have come to the negotiation table. This could be a sign of an end being in sight for the month-long strike, helping thousands to get their jobs back. Labour Unions

Employment at will

There are exceptions to employment at will. Do you know your right on this part? You can't be terminated on basis of your race or gender. And 38 states regulate dismissals by so called implied contracts. Find out more at dismissal rights.