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Question: I have been attempting to be hired as a Police Officer but I have been unable to do so. My question is how do I find out where I failed in the selection process when the agency will not tell me


Answer Paywizard:

First, if the agency does not routinely share this information, consider performing a critical self-assessment. Gather all of your application materials, think about the qualities that the police department you are applying to is looking for, and put yourself in the shoes of the people reviewing your application, and ask yourself these questions:  what are the weaknesses in my application or resume and what good reason would people have to reject me? If you can figure this out, then you’re in great shape, because you can turn that negative into a positive by trying to strengthen your weakness.

Also, I would suggest directly contacting the human resources department of the police department(s) that you have applied to and politely asking 1) them why your application was rejected, and 2) for guidance for how you might improve. Alternatively, if you know any of the individuals that reviewed your application, you could contact them to inquire about why they found your application unsatisfactory and how you might work on some of these weaknesses.  Do you require further education, better test scores, did you not interview as well as you could have, do you need a second language?

No one ever likes being turned down, of course, but if you can identify specific areas where you know you can do better, consider these opportunities for you to be better, smarter, and stronger than your competition next time. I am always impressed to see signs of resilience and perseverance in a job candidate – and that’s someone I know I want to hire. Let’s make sure that’s you this next time around.

Best of luck!