Ask US I've got unused degrees and skills. I'm underemployed. How do I get a better job?

I've got a degree, skills, but didn't used them. I'm underemployed. How do I get a better job? Find out on

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Question: I have a master's degree in history and have many skills. However, I haven't used many of them in a long time and I have been underemployed for quite some time. How do I explain this to prospective employers and put myself in the best light possible?

Answer Paywizard:

Unfortunately, my powers are unable to decipher key elements of your situation that would greatly assist me in giving you a better answer. For example, some further information that would be of great assistance to me would be: (1) what is your current job?; (2) why did you stick with this job for so long if you felt that your skills were being underutilized?; (3) what skills do you feel are being underutilized?; (4) will these skills be important in your prospective job?

It is always important that you list such skills in your resume, but you should also be prepared to give reasons as to why you were underemployed for so long. Be sure to include any factors that prevented you from utilizing your skills such as: financial considerations, personal problems, geographical restrictions, loss of a family member or other important reasons that kept you underemployed. In addition, keep in mind that just because you haven't used these skills, it does not necessarily mean that you forgot them. Best of luck!