Will the Minimum Wage Increase Next Year?

Ask Paywizard: We're trying to make our budget for 2010 - will the minimum wage increase? Paywizard.org answers.
Question - Date: 2009
We are trying to figure our church budget for 2010 and are wondering if the mininimum wage of $7.30 an hour is going to increase and if so, what is it going to increase to and when the increase will take effect? Thank you for your help in this matter. Randi Givens
Answer Paywizard.org
Since you're mentioning a minimum wage of $7.30 I assume that your referring to the Ohio minimum wage.

As far as we know, Ohio's government hasn't announced a minimum wage increase for 2010. And officials haven't announced a possible decline of the minimum wage either.


The Ohio minimum wage is one of the 10  states where the minimum wage is tied to inflation. The adjustable minimum wage will increase if the cost of living goes up. Colorado is the first state that may lower it's minimum wage slightly as the cost of living of this state is declining.

Ohio's cost of living index is still slightly up, according to recent consumer price index data of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But if the living expenses would drop it's not sure that it would affect Ohio's minimum wage. Most states have no provision that allows lowering the minimum wage if the cost of living declines. 

Reviewing this figures you would expect that the minimum wage won't change much in 2010. But to be sure you have to wait until the official wages are published.