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I'm doing a research paper on waitress wage. I know that for many years it has been $2.13, but do you have record on when this was changed last? It would really help me out! 


Congress approved the first minimum cash payment for tipped employees in 1966: a payment set at half the minimum wage, which was at the time being raised from $1.25 to $1.60. Before 1966 restaurant and bar owners had no legal obligation to pay a food server or bartender a cash minimum.
The federal tip minimum varied from 40% to 50% of the minimum wage until 1996, when Congress froze it at half of the then current minimum wage of $4.25 and added the requirement that if an employee's average tips didn't bring the total wage up to the minimum, the employer would make up the difference. The tip minimum has remained at $2.13 ever since, even through the minimum wage increases passed in 2007.

This text was taken from the website "Subminimum Wages"
You can find a history of the federal minimum wage rates on the site of the US Department of Labor.

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