Czech Salary Offer OK?

Ask - Is the salary offer I got from a Czech company OK? Paywizard answers.


I just got offer job in czech. They offered a salary of 24,000 Czech koruna. Now, if  I get that salary, how much do I have to pay for tax? 

Answer Paywizard:

The Czech Wageindicator doesn't have tax rates on the website, as the US has. 
But when you go to the website you will find this information about the Czechincome tax rates.

"From 1.1.2008 the new Czech income tax rate for individuals is a flat 15% rate, replacing the 2007 rates of 12% to 32%. The 15% flat rate would be reduced to 12.5% from 2009.
From 2008 the joint tax assessment for married couples is cancelled."

More specific tax information - rates, how to file etc. - you will find on