What is it that you can determine by your Salary Survey?

What is it that you can determine by your Salary Survey? Find out on Paywizard.org.

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First, on behalf of my colleagues at the Labor and Worklife Program and Harvard Law School, thank you for taking the Salary Survey. Enabling us to truly put our finger on the pulse of the American workplace and workers and to hear, every single day, about individuals’ needs and concerns, our survey is the most unique salary survey out there. Our work is both qualitative and quantitative, and the more we hear from thoughtful people like you, the better our data – and therefore our understanding – will be. What we need then, is more people like you! Since launching Labor Day 2006, we’ve already become quite popular and created quite a buzz, working hard to answer questions about the American workplace that friends and colleagues at the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau have never addressed. Please spread the word, and take full advantage of the Information Center we have on our site. Whether you are looking to negotiate a raise, consider a new career path, learn about your rights, there is likely something for you.

Headed by Richard Freeman, Herbert Ascherman Professor of Economics at Harvard University, the aim of the Paywizard is to become the premiere resource for worklife issues in the US and to establish a cutting-edge research tool for management, labor, policymakers, scholars, journalists, students, and others interested in the world of work. Freeman explains, “We want to know about American worklives beyond what [the usual] surveys can tell us. When workers have questions about issues like discrimination, training, negotiating a raise, or switching careers, they can ask our team of experts…The Paywizard seeks to be the best place for American employees to say how they're doing, what they think about workplace issues, and to get the latest economic information on working in America.”

Although the survey cannot predict the future, it will enable us to understand the present which will make the future more certain. This will also help us inform important decisions to help all Americans’ worklives. As for your future today, all we can do is wish you the best of luck! Again, many thanks.